It is a pleasure to introduce our trusted partners in design thinking :

Capital of Children is a public-private partnership between the LEGO Foundation and Billund Municipality. The organization’s mission is to promote children’s learning and creativity through play and to utilize our knowledge about play to promote innovation and creativity within this field.

Design School Kolding represents internationally acknowledged research-based knowledge about design-driven innovation. Design School Kolding has many years of experience with corporate partnerships and is engaged in a series of collaborative projects with the purpose of teaching small and medium-sized companies how to use design as an innovation method.

The University of Southern Denmark constitutes a strong research environment within the fields of design management, user involvement and entrepreneurship. The university contributes with research, method development and analysis in the field of design-driven business development.

Syddansk Universitet – Institut for Entrepenørskab og Relationsledelse, Kolding

Institut for Entrepenørskab og relationsledelse

The Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management (IER) is rooted in a business economic tradition.

Methodically, the department is based on learning cycles with businesses and industry promoting institutions.

The interaction with the surrounding business community is expressed through co-operation in relation to research projects and in the lectures in which theory and a practical understanding and knowledge go hand in hand.

Kolding Kommune

A strong collaboration concerning growth and design in Kolding

Kolding Kommune

Børnenes Hovedstad

Børnenes Hovedstad

Play is one of the most important ingredients in nurturing children – and adults – who are creative, social and good at tackling problems, and who are therefore able to play an active role in a global world that’s undergoing constant change. The aim is for each of them to create a good life for themselves and their surroundings.

With Play User Lab, Capital of Children reaches out to companies keen to design the future of play!

The laboratory enables us to engage small and medium-sized enterprises in sharing knowledge and research, in providing opportunities for trying out good theories in practice and in undertaking development work side by side with design specialists as well as children.